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FraserK April 4, 2013 23:19

Cell Zones
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Hi there,

(3d, pbns, VOF, spe, lam, transient)

I'm modeling fluid flows down a narrow pipe (fluids = water and air). In the "cell zone conditions" menu, the only zone I see is air [attachment1]. I believe I should see water and air.

Also: I'm trying to add surface tension effects between the walls and the water, but in the menu it appears I can only add the effects between the two fluids. Actually, with the options I've selected, I can't even find the option of setting a wall fluid angle interaction anymore...

I have some suspicion that these problems are related. Any ideas?


msaeedsadeghi April 6, 2013 09:11

I think it is surface tension between water and air, not water and wall.
go on phase interaction panel and set the water-air surface tension.

FraserK April 6, 2013 20:33

Good point, thanks! I made a slight mistake asking my question: If I want to set a contact angle (say at 90 degrees) with the wall for the water droplet, how do I do that? It doesn't appear I can set it for wall/water, even though in the manual it appears I can do this.
Make sense?

msaeedsadeghi April 7, 2013 00:32

90 Degree....
just decrease gavity and increase water-air surface tension.

FraserK April 9, 2013 07:54

Ok think I figured it out now! Thanks for your help! In case people are wondering, I was able to set the angle. In a VOF model, I selected "Wall Adhesion" in the momentum tab of the phase interaction. Then I set the angle in the boundary conditions tab.

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