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polenta April 5, 2013 09:01

Remeshing at the deforming edges
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Hi everyone,

For my project I need to apply dynamic meshing, but since this is my first time dealing with dynamic meshes I started on a simple case just to get some feel. As you may see from the attached figures the object is a simple rectangle, of which left-side edge should move to the left, expanding the surface.

After couple of different tests I decided to go with triangle mesh, hence using the Remeshing method (with Local Cell remeshing method). The moving left-side edge was set to be a Rigid Body with a simple motion UDF in x direction. The top and bottom edges were set to be Deforming with ''Faceted'' Geometry definition and ''Remeshing'' Meshing Option.

Now, from figures it is clear that everything seems to be alright, except the remeshing at the interfaces with the top and bottom edges. It looks like the corner node is just moving away from the second edge node, leaving a gap between them.

I guess I will have to define, in some way, new nodes to be generated at the edges, but I really don't have any ideas how to do that. Could anyone help me with this problem, please?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

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