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Crustulu April 11, 2013 12:19

Parametric study and time dependent parameter monitoring

I'm running a transient FLUENT simulation using the WorkBench framework. The output paramater that is important to me is the total heat flux comming through a particular surface of my model.

To monitor this heat flux i've used the "Surface monitors" function. This function create a *.out file in the fluent directory with the heat flux at each time step. I'm very happy with that.

The problem is that now that my model is well parametered i want to run a parametric study on it, by changing the heat conduction coefficient of the material for instance.

To do that i use the "Design Points" option in Workbench. First thing, when i define as an output parameter the heat flux that i want, using "Results/Reports/Fluxes..." what i get in Workbench is only the value at the last time step, wich is useless for me. Anyway i was like "at least i have my *.out files in the Dp0, Dp1 ... directories". But strangely these files are empty....

So my question is : How do i get as an output parameter of my parametric study a time dependent variable ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Crustulu April 12, 2013 05:54

Hello again everybody.

I'm trying to overcome this issue by executing FLUENT in Batch mode. That way i can perform loops etc...

I am completely new to this batch mode but it seems promising. My problem now is that i can't initialize my temperature field :

My script :

;; Read case file
(ti-menu-load-string "/file/read-case FFF.cas")
;; Initialize the solution
(ti-menu-load-string "/solve/initialize/compute-defaults/all-zones")
(ti-menu-load-string "/solve/initialize/initialize")
;; Calculate 50 iterations
(ti-menu-load-string "/solve/iterate 50")
;; Exit FLUENT
I'm exacuting it by the folowing command:


fluent 2ddp -g -i < Start_test.scm >& out.out &
And what i get is:


Welcome to ANSYS FLUENT 13.0.0

Copyright 2010 ANSYS Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, distribution or duplication
is prohibited. ANSYS and FLUENT are trademarks or registered trademarks
of ANSYS, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States or other countries.

Build Time: Oct 22 2010 11:20:11 EDT Build Id: 10704
Loading "/ansys_inc/v130/fluent/fluent13.0.0/lib/flprim.dmp.1119-64"

> /file/read-case FFF.cas
Reading "FFF.cas"...
1000 quadrilateral cells, zone 2, binary.
1000 cell partition ids, zone 2, 4 partitions, binary.
999 2D interior faces, zone 1, binary.
1 2D wall faces, zone 5, binary.
2001 2D wall faces, zone 6, binary.
2002 nodes, binary.
2002 node flags, binary.

invalid command [

> /solve/initialize/compute-defaults/all-zones#t
invalid command [

> /solve/initialize/initialize#t
invalid command [

> /solve/iterate 50 iter energy time/iter
1 6.9965e-07 0:00:01 49
2 1.5265e-07 0:00:01 48
3 3.6872e-08 0:00:01 47
4 9.3591e-09 0:00:01 46
5 2.4357e-09 0:00:01 45
! 6 solution is converged
6 6.4281e-10 0:00:01 44
invalid command [

Any idea to help me ?

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