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cinwendy April 14, 2013 13:30

How to do this multiphase simulation?

I was searching the web to find material for my project and I found this , which is very similar to my project. I read through the slides, but the slides does not tell explicitly the method to incorporate those fermentation kinetics and phenomena into FLUENT. Besides the transport equation, they include rate of change, age distribution, adsorption and reaction source term.

Are they all UDS? Or Species Transport? And how to associate those with the different phase? I am deeply appreciate if anyone can tell me more about those in page 12, 18, 19, and 31.

Thank you very much in advance!

cinwendy April 16, 2013 08:40

In page 31, there is a list of stuff inside, copied below:
- Lignocellulose particles (10 eqns.).
Cellulose-enzyme complex. (10 eqns.).
Enzymes (2 eqns.).
Lignin-enzyme complex
My interpretation:
- Lignocellulose particles ----------> solid
Cellulose-enzyme complex. --------> soluble, big molecule
Cells. --------------------------------------> insoluble but not solids
Ethanol.------------------------------------> soluble, small molecule
Glucose.-----------------------------------> soluble, small molecule
Ammonia.---------------------------------> soluble, small molecule
Lignin-------------------------------------> part of the solids
Enzymes (2 eqns.) -------------------> should be soluble, one will adsorb onto the solids, one freely floating in water
Lignin-enzyme complex ------------> ?? enzyme adsorb onto particulate
Cellobiose.------------------------------> soluble, small molecule
CO2.--------------------------------------> soluble, small gas molecule
My questions:
1, How to define these species, especially the soluble ones? They are so different!
2, What about the cells?
3, For the 2 enzymes, their mass conservation is
total_of_enzyme_1 = free_floating_enzyme_1 + enzyme_1_substrate_complex .
How to include this into FLUENT?
Thank you in advance!

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