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vagaikwa April 15, 2013 18:06

Periodic Condition for Particle Tracking in DPM
Can anyone tell me how can i make my particles periodic? It means if my particle leaves the outlet it should again enter from the inlet with the same data attributes which it had while leaving the channel. Im using Discrete Phase Modelling. Thanks.


vagaikwa April 15, 2013 21:44

I guess once you give the periodic boundary condition for the single phase and then introduce particles it automatically does that, that is it re-enters through the inlet once it is out from the outlet.

walid abou hweij May 22, 2017 04:14

Dear Mr. vagaikwa,

I have a similar problem where I need to determine the number of repeats of the periodic zones, that is I need the zone of the pipe which is 40 mm in length to be repeated 4 times. It is to be noted that I don't need just to display that but to take this number of repetitions while evaluating the flow problem.


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