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QBeast April 22, 2013 14:12

How does fluent handle the momentum source term?
Dear forum users,

I was struggling this week to setup a source term within a periodic channel, the purpose was to generate a constant amplitude spanwise velocity through the added y-momentum source term here is the thread:

please could someone help to understand how does fluent practically handle the momentum source term? I'm asking for explanation in order to "attempt to stabilize the contribution of source term and get a constant velocity value" since until know I'm getting an time increasing y-velocity ie: the source term keeps adding momentum in the y direction which seems totally natural due to momentum sourcing dimension (N/m^3 force/volume) my goal is to keep that y-velocity at a constant amplitude value ?

on the other hand I'm considering a source term with conditional if...then statement, as a next step, to drive the source term contribution according to the velocity value and keep y-velocity within a thin margin around the desired y-velocity value.

thanks helping me

best regards

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