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hannahbee April 26, 2013 11:51

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I am injecting carbon dioxide into a water filled pore shaped model and watching the results. However I am having issues when analysing my results.
It seems that the water that is being pushed along the model cannot leave through the outlet and instead doubles back on itself heading back to the inlet. I was wondering if there is anything that I can change for the outlet to ensure the material can leave.
At the moment in boundary conditions I have it as an outflow.
I have attached a print screen image of my meshed model and would appreciate if anyone could help me with this matter.

diamondx April 26, 2013 14:48

did you pressure outlet ???
What are you trying to model ?

hannahbee April 27, 2013 04:25

Yes I tried pressure outlet as well, I'm not sure if it is something to do with my geometry or meshing rather than the Fluent Set-up.

I am trying to model underground pores that are filled with water and then to watch the pressure and volume fraction movement through the model when carbon dioxide is injected in at the inlet. It should hopefully displace the water with a velocity movement shown going from the inlet to the outlet. However at the moment it appears the velocity is moving back on itself once it reaches the outlet. So I am assuming the materials can not be leaving the model at the outlet as more carbon dioxide is injected in.

diamondx April 27, 2013 13:06

may be you should try a more refined mesh ??

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