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Evona May 1, 2013 03:15

Modeling of a HVAC Fan
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Hi there!

I am in the process of modeling the flow rate produced by a HVAC fan and am having trouble with some details.

The details:
  • The geometry involves the fan system in a cylinder fluid body with a small tip clearance.
  • Attachment 21342

    (Although Solidworks can't show it well, the fan blades actually have a uniform tip clearance of 6mm)
  • The only details that I have been given are at follows:
  • Fan speed 1463 RPM
  • Fan Inlet/Outlet differential static pressure 160Pa

How should I approach this analysis in Fluent?

I understand that the differential static pressure is the difference in pressure between the inlet and the outlet but I cannot figure out how to apply this in Fluent.

Should I set the Inlet Boundary Conditions in Fluent to a "pressure-inlet" type, set the Gauge Total Pressure to -160Pa and do the same for the outlet but use atmospheric pressure instead?

And as for the rotation of the fan itself, am I right in saying this is done through settings in the Boundary Conditions of the fan body?
ie. Moving Wall, Rotational, Relative to Adjacent Cell Zones, Rotation-Axis Origin (0,0,0) and Rotation-Axis Direction (0,1,0)

Attachment 21343

Any help here would be fantastic!

Thanks :)

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