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mrdumpa May 2, 2013 07:44

Dynamic mesh procedure for gear pump
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Hi All,

I facing problem while working with 3d gear pump.

1. My problem is i want to run my model in FLuent using dynamic mesh
option by rotating two gear with same RPM.
2. I have written UDF for both to rotate with 1000rpm in opp direction.
But i am facing problem in setup the options in Dynamic mesh panel.

ie. smooting,layering and remeshing options setup for this problem

Can anyone help me how to setup options in Dynamic mesh Panel

Please find the attached picture of model.
Attachment 21396

Maralady June 10, 2013 17:21

Hello, I am working on something similar, a twin screw pump, would you like to share emails to exchanges information? June 10, 2013 23:44

Dear Mahendra

You can use Sliding Mesh for this case. But if you want use dynamic mesh, remeshing is best choice. Remember that moving mesh is very expencive method. Plz see fluent tutorials.

Best Regards

delaneyluke June 14, 2013 10:34

The 2.5D remesh option is perfect for the case you're solving.
It only remeshes the top surface and then drags the cells down to form the 3D mesh. You need to mesh your domain with prism cells for it to work. Let me know if you have any more questions


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