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sumeet kotak May 4, 2013 05:33

Seeking seriou help Fluent problem..!!!
Hello friends,

I am using Ansys Fluent for my simulation and simulating Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition System (EB-PVD) to find out coating thickness deposited over the substrate inside the chamber.I am using species transport model with volumetric reaction.

For better improvement of coating quality we are creating vacuum inside the chamber (0.005 pa) in experiment so I need to create vacuum inside the chamber in my simulation so which kind of pressure condition should I provide for pressure outlet BC and for operating pressure.

My geometry dimensions are vertical cylinder of height 750mm and radius 225mm and horizontal cylinder is connected with vertical cylinder at height of 200mm from bottom and another end is connected with vacuum pump creating vacuum of 0.005 pa.
The dimensions of horizontal cylinder: 200mm length 50mm radius

Looking for you positive replay,

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