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mayanyun May 6, 2013 13:30

NIST real gas model can not converge
I am doing a simulation recently. With heat exchange and flow.
If I define the gas material parameters as constant such as density, it can be converged. First I simulate the flow case. Then I do the heat exchange. It is ok. But as the temperature change range is from 40K to 300K.
So I change to NIST real gas model. Then it can not converge.

mayanyun May 6, 2013 14:01

error message
Error: REFPROP_error (-51) from function: trnprp (viscosity)
[TRNPRP warning -51] one or more inputs to the thermal conductivity and viscosity correlations are out of range; will use ECS model; temperature > 1.5 x upper limit, T = 5000.0 K, Tmax = 1500.0 K

arun km March 24, 2014 01:09

nist real gas midel R134a
i am doing a simulation of an ejector (vapor jet refrigeration system) with NIST real gas model.I am getting the same result that you have got earlier.Please share the remedy if you solved this problem recently.
Thanks in advance

MalteSe94 June 29, 2016 03:44

Has anyone found a solution on this topic already?
I am facing the same problem and am desperate for help.

Kind regards,

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