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Faisal Baz May 8, 2013 15:29

Hydraulic diameter & Reynolds number
Dear all,
I am simulating the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics associated with cooling an in-line array of discrete protruding heat sources in a channel by using impinging jet.
How is FLUENT calculating hydraulic diameter for this channel?
How is FLUENT calculating Reynolds Number in this channel?

Thanks with regards,


A CFD free user May 10, 2013 05:12

Hey guy
Regarding to hydraulic diameter, I think there's no difficulty, calculate it according to
A is the cross area and P is is wetted perimeter of your entrance geometry.
Regarding to the 2nd question, run your model, get the result and define Reynolds number via, define/ Custom field function. The only thing is to define your formula. Once you define it, it'll be available like other variable and you can postprocess it whatever you like.

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