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vix May 14, 2013 13:28

Fluent Animation Error
Hi everyone,

I am trying to generate an animation sequence and creating an MPEG out of it.

I have so far not had any major issues but sometimes, I get the following error when I playback my sequence in order to save it as Mpeg.

Error: wta(1st) to string_length
Error Object: ()

Does anyone know what this means and how to get around it ?

I now have a folder with about 100 ppm files and if Fluent cannot generate the mpeg, how else can I generate the video ?

Any suggestions will be very helpful.

Many thanks in advance.

Engineer92 May 9, 2014 10:20

I know this problem was posted a while ago but I may have a solution for anyone else who encounters this problem - much like I did.

I found the problem to be with what was entered in the Storage Directory, when defining the Solution Animation. Once this was corrected fluent wrote my MPEG file no problem.

phi4ever December 1, 2016 19:06

I've found another possible solution to this.

In the Solution Animation Playback setup, deleting the troublesome Animation Sequence from the list then reloading the .cxa file for that sequence has allowed me to create a MPEG.

Also if you open the .cxa file sometimes Fluent will add an extra \ to the path, ex:

NAME: .\\sequence-1 <---- notice double \\
Frame 0 2 sequence-1_0000.hmf 1

Removing the extra \

NAME: .\sequence-1 <---- now there's just one
Frame 0 2 sequence-1_0000.hmf 1

has also proved effective in getting around the wta(1st) to string_length error. You may have to reload the .cxa to get it to work after removing the \.

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