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Tarano May 16, 2013 07:45

Linking boundaries special case
Dear forum members i am new to this forum,

At the moment i am busy with a modeling a special nozzle in 2d, In reality this nozzle has a tube connecting the one side the other other side to allow acoustic compression and decompression waves to travel from one side to the other. Because it is a 2d simulation i don't want to simulate the tube outside the nozzle as it will interfere with the entailment of the airflow from the side of the nozzle. My question is can i link the boundaries inside the nozzle so that what comes goes out the top enters the bottom and visa versa.

the next question would be can i force a time delay to represent the length of the tube as these are acoustic waves?

thnx for the help in advance

Ps. i can upload a schematic of my mesh to explain it beter if you don't understand what i mean. I am working in ICEM and Fluent as i am relative new to the programs i only know how to use these atm

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