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galapago May 17, 2013 19:24

problems running fluent through matlab
Hi everybody

I have some problems running fluent through matlab, in my laptop (serial processing) i used this instruction and i could run Fluent v14 without problems

!fluent 3ddp -g -i C:\Users\omar\Documents\MATLAB\alggambit\algorflue nt.jou

but now when i'm trying to do the same in a parallel process in the computer of a lab (with fluent 6.3.26, ansys 12.1, ansys 13 and ansys 14 installed)fluent open, but in 6.3.26 version. I deleted this version but still appearing(some weird).

in enviromental variables i put this path
C:\program files\ansys inc\v140\fluent\ntbin\win 64
like in my laptop, but in this computer i think that i need to change a parameter o maybe a path to mark that when I execute my matlab code i be abble to open fluent v14 , the problem is that i dont know where is this place or what i can do to solve it?

thanks a lot friends i hope you could help me

thanks in advance

Sorin October 10, 2013 09:20

Hi galapago,

It might be the PATH environment variable inside Matlab or at system level that it is set-up to the FLUENT 6.3.26.

Do you have the same problem when starting Fluent in the command line?

I would suggest launching Fluent in server mode instead of launching it from Matlab and then from Matla connect to Fluent and script Fluent from Matlab.

instead of executing from Matlab:

"fluent 3ddp -g -i C:/Users/omar/Documents/MATLAB/alggambit/algorfluent.jou"

do this:
1.execute Fluent from command line
fluent 3ddp -g -aas
2. Fluent will generate a file named aaS_FluentId.txt
3. start Matlab and connect to Fluent usinf Fluent generated file
fluent = actxserver(ANSYS.CoFluentUnit.1′);
fluent.ConnectToServer (fluentkey)

4. execute your Matlab equivalent of algorfluent.jou from Matlab

To generate the Matlab equivalent of a line in algorfluent.jou use the following pattern:

if stringfluentCommand is the line in algorfluent.jou, the equivalent line in Matlab will be:

for example the following journal script in Fluent

rcd fluentcasedata
solve it 10
wcd fluentcasedata_saved

will have the following equivalent in Matlab:

tui.DoMenuCommandToString('rcd fluentcasedata')
rcd fluentcasedata('solve it 10')
tui.DoMenuCommandToString('wcd fluentcasedata_saved')

Thank you


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