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Liufeng_ustb May 17, 2013 23:28

About Cell Zone Conditions
Hi, everyone. I have a such a question.

I am confused about the settings about Cell Zone Conditions. I am new to FLUENT. Usually, I keep default settings in Cell Zone Conditions. But recently I want to realize my aim, and I am not sure if Cell Zone Conditions can help me.

Here is it:
My model is Eulerian Granular Flow. In fact, it's a packed bed which consists of many spheres. The gas flow through it and chemical reaction occurs as well as other transfer phenomenon. But at first I need to use "patch" to add my packed bed into my domain. I hope in the whole process that the packed bed would stay there and would not move.

Initially, I enable gravity. In my viewpoint, I think the gravity can help me make the solid not move. But after I notice Cell Zone Conditions, I have another idea.

You know, Cell Zone Conditions include the settings about solid in my domain. I know if I can realize my aim which make solid stand still by doing the following: Cell Zone Conditions->Type(fluid)->Phase(solid)->Edit->Fixed Values->x,y velocity, set them all zero.

Thank you.
All regards

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