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lalitthakur23 May 19, 2013 14:58

Combustion modelling with Liquid Fuel (Kerosene)
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Dear friends,

I am working on modeling and simulation of high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermal spray process with Kerosene as liquid fuel in workbench Ansys Fluent. I am interested in calculating the velocity and temperature profiles of exhaust combustion products into the atmosphere. The things I have are stated below:

Fuel= Kerosene (C12H22) mass flow rate = 0.00625 kg/s
Oxygen= mass slow rate = 0.02125 kg/s

The combustion process takes place inside the combustion chamber of HVOF spray gun with fuel and oxygen.

C10H20+15O2 - 10CO2+10H2O

The body of Gun is made of copper and liquid cooled to keep it at 50 degrees. The exhaust gases emerged from 8 inch long barrel into open atmosphere. Ignore the powder injection in attached image.

Can anybody tell me how to proceed in steps. Please tell me which model I should go for ? Please find the attached image of HVOF spray gun

diamondx May 19, 2013 19:00

that's a tough simulation !! are you beginner ? if yes you need to start by the tutorials, this includes combustion (evaporating of liquid fuel) and multiphase too (you have water and air) ignore the copper body first. you have to start by simple simulation first and take it to next level when you succeed in each steps...
Good luck...

lalitthakur23 May 20, 2013 00:04

thanks for reply,

Yes, I am new to this problem. That's why I have joined this forum to solve my problem by taking help from you guys. Please tell me if there is any tutorial/source related to this problem, so that I can practice.
Help from anyone is highly appreciated.


lalitthakur23 May 22, 2013 01:25

come...on... guys, I am waiting for your replies...
Please help me out of this situation... Provide me any tutorial or literature on this issue.


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