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Anam May 20, 2013 07:40

Need Help-Calculation of ship trimming moments
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Dear all:
I want to calculate the trimming moments of wigley hull using ANSYS 13 Fluent. I will use these trimming moments for the calculation of trim by equating trim moment to the hydrostatic moment.
I have calculated total resistance of hull in fixed condition. In my case the coordinate axis lies at Longitudinal center of flotation, With x-axis points to the stern of ship, the y-axis points to starboard, and the z-axis is vertically upwards (Shown in attached file: Position of Co-ordinate Axis).
In post processor, I also calculated the trimming moments acting over the hull. These moment values and method I used to calculate these moments are attached.

I need help with following problems
  • I am not sure if the present position of coordinate axis is right, for an analysis in which trimming moments have to be calculated?
  • I am not sure, if the way I calculated the trimming moments is right.
Please help me to solve this problem. I really, really need some help at this point.

Waiting for a kind response

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