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s.q May 20, 2013 16:09

simulating a wind turbine
hi evry body
i am simulating a 5 MW wind turbine using domain has 3 in front of the turbine the other back of the turbine and the last one which is too smaller than the others is surrounding the wind turbine.
my simulation condition are such as this:
velocity inlet 11 m/s
pressure outlet 0 gauge
viscosity model: k-w SST
wind turbine as moving wall ,relative to adjacent cell zone " 0 "
the fluid in front and behind the turbine are as stationary zones
2 interfaces for relating the fluid zones
the fluid surrounding the wind turbine as MRF zone
i started my simulation with initializing from inlet
finally my solution didn't converged
and when i displayed contours of velocity magnitude all of the velocities are zero(all over the domain)

would anybody plz help me??

er_ijaz October 17, 2013 08:11

hi i think prblm might be bcoz of boundary conditions. Also in a large cylinder for outer domain .. creat a small cylinder surrounding the blades as inner domain. Inner domain is rotating and outer domain is stationary

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