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yhy20081016 May 22, 2013 23:14

Problem in using system coupling in ANSYS 14.5
I am using the "System Coupling" module in ANSYS Workbench 14.5 for fluid-structure interaction simulation. I encountered problems when I try to set initial conditions for the fluid region.
I want to use a steady-state-flow result as initial conditions for the unsteady simulation. Therefore, before I start the unsteady simulation, I execute the [File]|[Interpolate...] command in FLUENT to import a previously obtained result.
However, the system coupling solver seems to totally ignore this imported result, and, instead of using this imported result as initial conditions, it use the initial values in [Solve]|[Initialization...] page to initialize the flow field at the beginning of the unsteady simulation.
I am looking forward to a solution to resolve this issue.

mmkkeshavarzi April 16, 2016 07:39

i have also the same problem
can you give me instruction if you solved that problem plz
it is really annoying :(

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