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sumeet kotak May 23, 2013 07:20

Can anyone help regarding which model used ...!!!???
Hello Friends,

I want to model reaction occurring inside the Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition Chamber (EB-PVD chamber). so which model I should use currently I am using Species transport model.

The model explanation :

a vertical chamber having crucible with oxide( say A2O3 where A is metal ) in solid form. I am apply heat using electron beam to evaporate the oxide material. the chamber is connected with vacuum ( I know that the vacuum simulation is not possible due to limitation of Knudsen no. but in my case i am maintaining such vacuum that my knudsen no. condition is satisfied i.e. kn no.=0.005).
the oxide is evaporated,chemical reaction happening inside the chamber as mentioned below

A2O3 -----> 2(AO) + O
AO --------> A +O

than a substrate is fixed above crucible at certain height on which we are depositing A2O3. The system is connected with the vacuum pump so some amount of O will leave chamber, to compensate this additional oxygen is provided so the reaction is

4(A)+3(O2)-------> 2(A2O3)

1st reaction is sublimation, and also can be consider as melting and than evaporation...

Now my problem is which model should be used....!!!??? I am currently using species transport.
Is It sufficient..???

please replay as early as possible...

thanks in advance...

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