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asal June 4, 2013 04:15

jou file command for the injection!
Hello everybody.

I want to use a jou file for the injection. I have 3 injection but I want to inject only with one of them. but when I use the command:

"display particle-tracks particle-tracks particle-resid-time"

then it is ask for the injection name. but I cannot choose only one and by pressing enter all three will selected one by one ["***"].

display particle-tracks particle-tracks particle-resid-time
(injection-water-d5e-6 injection-water-d2e-5 injection-water-d1e-5)
Injection name(1) ["injection-water-d5e-6"]
Injection name(2) ["injection-water-d2e-5"]
Injection name(3) ["injection-water-d1e-5"]
Injection name(4) [()]

How can I choos only one of them?
for instance for the line
Injection name(2) ["injection-water-d2e-5"]
what should I enter to deselect the "injection-water-d2e-5"
or in a way I want this:

Injection name(1) ["injection-water-d5e-6"]
Injection name(2) [()]


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