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Maralady June 15, 2013 18:31

Doubt about Rotatory Analysis Setup
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Hello, greetings to all, imagine that the following geometry is a volume of fluid, and it has 2 inner cylinders rotating in opposite directions, inside of it, my question is, how would you setup this particular model? I am asking this because so far, the only thing that I did was to specify that both cylinders are walls that are rotating, that is all, but I am not so sure that that is right. Any help will be more than appreciated.


Maralady June 15, 2013 19:54

My doubt here, is that I have 2 rotating axis, but just 1 volume, therefore I should not use MRF, but I should not use SRF either, I have just 1 cell zone, with 2 rotating axis, that makes it pretty confusing.

Maralady June 15, 2013 19:54

I tried some tests with the set up of the walls, and it gave me some logic results, but again, I am not sure if that procedure is correct.

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