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highhopes June 15, 2013 18:58

Spatial oscillation in results of a model with ICEM mesh
Dear friends,

I have been trying to simulate flow in a curved duct with a rectangular section using Fluent. For the runs, I prepared a block structured mesh using ICEM CFD. Even though mesh quality seemed fine, when I plotted the pressure coefficient distribution along a curve on the surface, I saw the value oscillating at some zones of the curve. However when I did a simulation using a very old Gambit mesh file with the same case file, the curve was smooth without any kind of irregularities. I have to move on with ICEM CFD but I cannot find what is wrong, I even tried ICEM meshes much finer than the Gambit mesh, still the same problem. Has anyone faced a problem of this sort?

Thank you

RodriguezFatz June 18, 2013 02:01

1) Are you sure, you have exactly the same settings in Fluent (discretizations)?
2) How "fast" are the oszillations: from cell to cell or slower?

Btw: even if you create blocks in ICEM, Fluent treats these meshes always as unstructured meshes - not block structured!

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