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hadi.iraji June 17, 2013 02:53

orthogonal permeability-resin infusion with FLUENT Software
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Dear all
I want to analyze orthogonal resin infusion with FLUENT Software and I do not have permeability parameters for wide oblique shapes such as circular or oval shapes. Is it possible to use/expand experimental data (permeability parameters of Kx, Ky, Kz) obtained from a small flat surface? Please note that the permeability of a flat surface is fixed in all directions (x,y,z) but in a circular shape the parameters change according to the perpendicular curve coordinates. For example at the bottom of a circular curve, the thickness direction is parallel to Z axis (Z1) while at the sides it is perpendicular to the Z axis (Z2).
I really appreciate your help and effort for this research. Z2 Z1

hadi.iraji June 17, 2013 02:55

It would be no problem to expand the permeability parameters from a small plate to a larger one, however in you case you have a curvature.

The problem relies in the fact the your permeability parameters are align with the reinforced media fibers and in the mathematical model they are fixed according to the x, y and z axis.
Are you using FLUENT? I have never solved anything like this and I'm not sure that you can do it with FLUENT. I know that you can change the permeability parameter orientation, however I think it is not possible to have them varying within the cells (volumes).

In the window that you define the permeability parameter (in FLUENT) there is a button called "conical". It may be what you need, but I'm not sure.

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