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mqasimali June 25, 2013 00:37

Fluent manipulation of 3rd axis(in paper) for 2D cases
hi there,
i am currently modeling a flown channel where flow is in vertical direction i.e top to bottom.
i have given BC's of pressure at inlet and outlet.
what i have required to find out is the velocity.
i have came to know that Fluent by default takes the depth in paper for 2D geometries as 1 m, while the actual depth in paper is around 79mm, it is greatly affecting my velocity profiles in channels,
kindly suggest me any possible solution, can i adjust this depth to the actual one or have to try something else.

DonQuijote June 25, 2013 06:17


I think there is a missunderstanding in what Fluent gives as 1 m depth. If you are modeling a 2D flow, you are assuming that flow conditions are constant/not relevant along the third edge. So, Fluent uses 1 m depth to give you some magnitudes that need of this component to be sense. For example, pressure along an area with 1 m depth reference.

To summarize, you can not be pretend to model a 3D flow in a 2D model if the third component is not constant, it has no sense. If your flow is approaxing to a 2D flow, then you can easily convert the required magnitudes to your real depth.

Hope it helps!

mqasimali June 28, 2013 02:10

thank you for your kind reply
so what you what meant is a 3D problem can be modeled as 2D when its properties are as such not dependent on the third axis that fluent consider as unit to give some sense.
now what do i think is in my case it is being dependent on the third axis.
im using pressure inlet condition and applying it on the line of a face but this pressure is actually dependent on the area into the paper
P=F/A, my actual area is 0.005 m^2 (length =0.079m, width=0.066m and this width is into the paper or you can say the third axis)
and if i consider what area fluent is considering it becomes length =0.079m and width=1m since fluent takes depth of one and thus increasing the area
so should i go for scaling of pressure????

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