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gan1990 June 28, 2013 11:21

Hi all,
I have been posting a few questions about modelling radiation problem in FLUENT, but I have got no replies.Which makes me wonder if there is a separate forum dedicated to radiation somewhere.

I request the experts out there just to point me to right direction so as to where to gather the information from.
These are the links to un answered queries, in case you are interested.

sadjad.s June 29, 2013 05:46

Maybe this link helps. Radiation part is rather complete.

gan1990 June 30, 2013 05:43

Thanks for the presentation,Sadjad. Do you have any material with more emphasis on radiation modelling and in particular DO model? I have gone through the user guide and theory guide.I found it al ittle lacking in explanation of semi transparent wall boundary conditions.
Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.
Thanks again for the reply.

macfly July 1, 2013 16:38

Hi gan,

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the DO model in Fluent is in fact called the Finite Volume Method for radiation in the literature. Here are (imho) the 2 best references about it, and you can dig further in the references of those references...:

1. look for this chapter written by J. C. Chai and S. V. Patankar in the Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer, Second Edition: Discrete-Ordinates and Finite-Volume Methods for Radiative Heat Transfer

2. Simply the best book for radiation, including a chapter on the DO model and Finite Volume Method (chapter 17):


gan1990 July 2, 2013 00:35

Thanks frank.

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