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nenazarian June 28, 2013 17:34

Exporting time dependent data after calculation

I have a simulation that is completed and I saved data files with some frequency.
Now I want to open those data files using a matlab function (that creates a journal file) and export some "Surface integral" parameters to process in matlab again. I was hoping to get something similar to "monitor" option that extract data as a function of time in one file.
The "write" option in "surface integral" can append data but its not what I need and does not have flowtime...
I didnt know that I might need these parameters so I didn't activate monitor for them and the duration of the calculation is very long so I wont be able to redo it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hershey June 29, 2013 13:38

I have not tried what you are asking exactly, but I can lend some advice to you that may spark some method to tackle the problem.

Your data files that are saved will only have the "Surface Integrals" value at that exact time step.

You may be able to write a journal file which reads in a new data file:

read-data file1.dat

Then when it is read add the line:

report surface-integrals

Since I do not know what surface integral you want, the options in the above line will ask for the type of report, the surface to calculate and if you want to "Write to file".

You will want to say yes to the write to file and name the file.

The next step will be to repeat the above two lines again for each data file you have, but you will keep writing to the same file name.

Make sure that you include in your journal file a "yes" command for the "Append data to it?" question.

This will require some MATLAB code to post process the file, but you should have no problem getting the data you want.

If you need more help, then let me know.

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