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Anna_p June 30, 2013 00:38

calculate species reaction rate

I am modeling combustion with non-premixed model. To calculate reaction heat release, i have to calculate species reaction rate.
How can i calculate species-n reaction rate in Fluent?
Thank you.....

Hershey June 30, 2013 21:13

Have you looked into using the turbulence-chemistry interaction in the species model?

I do not work with combustion problems, but I do work with reactions in Fluent. I activate the species transport model using an Arrhenius rate constant since that applies to me, but I know that in combustion there are turbulence effects that govern the reaction. It may be activated for the non-premixed case.

Check the tutorial guide for "Modeling Species Transport and Gaseous Combustion" as it probably pertains to your problem.

Post back if you have more questions.

Anna_p July 1, 2013 13:10


I am using non-premixed combustion model. To calculate reaction heat release i need to know reaction rate for any species. My problem is reporting the reaction rate for any species in different section of flow.

Thank you

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