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chmurillor June 30, 2013 17:32

Interpretation of turbulent kinetic energy
Hi everybody!

I would like to post a question related to interpretation of turbulent kinetic energy in a transient simulation of a gas internal flow.

I have posed the initial conditions for a gas injection that gets into a tube. The gas will cause a perturbation of a tube that is initially filled with air at velocity equal to zero.

the pressure inlet and pressure outlet have the atmospheric pressure (total pressure) and the tube has an velocity equal to zero in the whole domain after a hybrid initialization but the initial value of the kinetic energy is 300. I expected a value of zero as well. Please tell me if this result might be coherent.

I know I can use a standard initialization but I would like to know the reason of this result. I checked the "production of k" and it is zero too.

thanks in advance for your help


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