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Tanjina July 8, 2013 17:09

Submerged porous pipe
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Hi all,

I am trying to model very simple geometry by using workbench, a submerged porous pipe under water. Upper portion is filled with water and lower portion(pipe) is filled with air initially. I want to assign porous pipe so that water can come to pipe from upper portion. for that

1) I assign a porous jump BC in between two portion. ( I don't know how can I assign porous pipe except this way)
2) I remained all default value except the thickness . I assigned thickness 0.1 m
3) How can I assign my desired porosity for the porous medium?What value should I assign as face permeability ? I can sense that there is relationship between face permeability and porosity, but can't find it out.

4) after some run, my model looked like the attached image. But this should not be the way. Water should enter the pipe by droplet formation or something like that, but in my model, water column is just shifting from up to down, no other change occurs.

If anyone can suggest anything, that will be great help for me. Thanks in advance.

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