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ehfeinberg July 9, 2013 14:44

Error writing files while calculating

I have just started learning Fluent and have ran into a few problems while trying to calculate very basic simulations.

Currently when ever I try to Run the Calculation I get this error.

Error: Error writing "| gzip -2cfv > FFF-1.cas.gz".
Error Object: #f
I found this post and saw that you need all the files in the same drive location. Although I do have all the project files in the same drive location, Ansys Fluent itself is not installed on the local computer.

The University I am working at has a program which enables you to use programs such as Ansys or CAD/Engineering programs on any computer by remotely accessing their servers. When you remotely access the programs, they are never installed on the local drive, instead your mouse clicks and keyboard activity is sent to the server for processing, and screen updates are returned. Could this be the reason that I am getting the error or is it for other reasons?


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