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Hershey July 14, 2013 23:39

VOF visualization styles

I am looking for software recommendations (unless this is native to FLUENT) for visualizing a 3D simulation using VOF (maybe Tecplot). I would like the following:

The ability to show an outline of my 3D structure (call it a cube)
Then, if I have a water/air system, I only want to see the water.

IOW, this is a case where I would like something similar to an isometric view but with a fluid in the system where the only shaded part of the fluid is water.

Similar to this:

Keep in mind that I do not use Ansys Workbench, only Fluent. I am also running on a server in batch mode, so my only means of data is through exporting.

Thank you.

Hershey July 15, 2013 10:48

Never mind.

After doing some more research on the matter, what I was looking to model were ISO-surfaces.

Amazing how easy it is to find something when you know the vocabulary.

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