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Jim87 July 15, 2013 10:34

hanging nodesin mesh seperation
In a sub-step of my project I have to define a former fluid to an solid.

I can seperate this region of the mesh by separating one part of the fluid as an other phase or by a temperature determination. The problem is to seperate one region from the hole mesh.

I. I use the adapt function to mark the area I want to seperate

II. I use mesh---> seperate, to seperate one part from the mesh

----> Error: Separate_Cell_Thread: hanging nodes
Error Object: #f

- In my opinion the mistake could be, that the adapt function marks an area (to the limited value that I use to seperate). This region marks not the entire cell and leads to the error in the separation function, because a new cell zone could not be build through a cell...

Has someone a solution for this problem?

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