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Ospi July 15, 2013 23:11

Understanding Port Flow Results

I have been running some port flow analysis using the ICE system within Fluent and I have gathered results from the tests however I do not fully understand what they are telling me.

My setup and results are as follows: Note that is this an exhaust port analysis an so the flow is from cylinder to atmosphere.

Now I'm not sure exactly what I should be looking for as far as correct monitors for the result I want. The goal is to compare various port designs to determine which flows the best. Should I be monitoring the port exit plane (the red line) with a Mass Flow Rate monitor? Will that tell me the mass flow rate that the plane is seeing? I am assuming that the outlet mass flow rate is going to be less accurate due to it measuring a volume after my point of interest but I may be incorrect there as well. In some inlet examples I have seen the area weighted average velocity is monitored but I'm not sure this is what I am after.

Thanks for any advice.

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