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JAlbert July 25, 2013 05:16

Mesh Motion help request
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Hello everybody;

I am going to model pitching naca 0012 in Fluent using CG motion option. I have a question.

In order to simulate pitch motion which means have mesh motion, Is it true to rotate the entire domain with specified angular velocity or do I have to make one region near airfoil and one outer and just rotate the inner region ( one in near airfoil) which may need remeshing in outer region? Does it make any difference in results ? If there is no difference, I think rotating the entire domain would be easier and since no need to remeshing, run time would also become less, of course velocity direction of inlet is still fixed in ,for example ,X-direction.

Another problem is with vorticity contour. When My naca0012 airfoil reached nearly stall angle, vorticity magnitude contour does not show any thing of vortices. I have attached my mesh rotation and contours comparing with one Finite Volume Code. Do you have any idea about it? Why I can not see separation vortex?

Thanks a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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