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ld1305 July 25, 2013 07:15

Create a loop to open .cas and save images
Hi there,

I have a fairly large transient simulation and was wondering how anyone might go about making a journal loop to open a .cas, save an image, then open the next etc etc

If this is my .jou:


/file/read-case-data "testcase-1-00010.cas.gz"
/display/contour mixture pressure
/display/views/restore-view left
/display/save-picture "test_00010_P.png"
/display/contour vapour vof
/display/save-picture "test_00010_vof.png"

I'm fairly new to this, but it seems something that's likely to be easily possible once you know the syntax?


P.S. Any way to stop it also showing the mesh outline would be great!

macfly July 25, 2013 11:45


You can loop with a scheme file but it's not user-friendly...

It might be simpler to generate a .jou with the help of another program in which you will loop the command lines for all the cases that you saved. For example generating a text file with Matlab.

ld1305 July 26, 2013 02:38

That's actually what I've ended up doing.
Was a bit fiddly to wort out, but I should be able to use it for other journals as well.

Thanks very much

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