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OttawaCFD July 25, 2013 19:17

Power extracted by porous jump

It's my first time using this forum and I was wondering if someone could help me. I am simulating a multiphase (water and air) problem using the VOF model with Open Channel option.

I have set up a porous jump face in the water phase to simulate the presence of a tidal turbine. The settings I used for the porous jump are a face permeability of 10000 (to exclude the Darcy law component), a medium thickness of 1 m and a pressure jump coefficient of 0.35 1/m. My hope in using this porous jump in my model is that it will extract 35% of the energy passing through the face, similarly to a turbine of 35% total efficiency.

The model seems to have run properly and the porous jump has reduced the water velocity in it's vicinity as expected however I want to make sure that the porous jump is in fact extracting 35% of the energy flux.

Is there some way in Fluent to compute the energy/power extracted by a porous jump or even just the energy passing through a face? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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