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AGP July 31, 2013 21:02

System coupling doesn't detect participants
Hi Guys,

I am doing a two-way FSI using system coulping with FLUENT and Static structural. But for some reason, the system coupling setup doesn't detect the participants. I have connected both FLUENT and Static structural setups to it. Is it a licensing issue? Can something be done to fix it?? I would greatly appreciate any inputs..


stumpy August 2, 2013 08:39

What are the errors in the Fluent, System Coupling and Structural output files? It could be licensing. If you are using academic licenses make sure shared licensing is disabled in the license preferences.

AGP August 6, 2013 16:01

There are no errors in FLUENT and static structural. The participants aren't detected in the system coupling section. I have disabled shared licensing. Any other suggestions??

stumpy August 7, 2013 08:58

Could you turn on the debug output in System Coupling to "All Levels" then copy the last section of the System Coupling output here?

AGP August 7, 2013 13:04

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Thank you so much Stumpy for your response. I have turned on the debug output in System Coupling to "All Levels". But I don't see any output or any error messages. Can you please let me know which section are you exactly talking about.

stumpy August 7, 2013 15:31

There were no Data Transfers defined in that screen shot - see the question marks in the tree. Is that the case you are trying to run?

AGP August 7, 2013 16:11

Yes. This is the case I'm running. I can't define data transfers because the participants aren't getting detected.

stumpy August 7, 2013 17:38

Ah, I see. I thought this was when solving. That's strange, never seen that happen. I assume there's an FSI interface in the Static Structural system. Does the oscillating plate tutorial work OK?

AGP August 7, 2013 17:51

I forgot to click on update project!! :mad: :mad:

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