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jason feng August 3, 2013 00:43

vector of heat flux in FLuent

I have a problem with fluent, and I hope someone can help me with it. I am simulating on heat transfer ( only conduction), simply say that there are air on both sides of a solid plate ( one side is hot air, the other side is cold air, with the plate in between), I can successfully get the contour of temperature distribution, however, I am more interested in the vectors of heat flux in the domain, both direction and magnitudes of heat flux. I am using ansys 14.0 fluent, but when I click on " graphics and animation--vectors--wall heat flux ", it does not show me anything. can someone tell me how can I get the vectors of heat flux in Fluent? Many thanks in advance, my friends.



miyage218 August 5, 2013 16:47

you can click report-fluxes and get flux values but i don't now how I can show flux vectors.

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