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gholamghar August 18, 2013 16:05

how to plot mach number along a curve in 3d?
Hello all,
I have a question about postprocessing:
I have a 3d gas turbine blade, I need to create a line parallel to pressure side or suction side with 1mm distance from them, and then report the Mach number along that line. Do you have any ideas how i can do this in 3d?
in 2d, I just go "Surface-Transform" and then create a line 1mm away by using "Iso-distance", but in 3d when I use the same option instead of creating a line it creates a plane, and I just need a line. Can anyone please tell me how should I create that line in order to report the Mach number along it?
Thanks a lot

gholamghar August 19, 2013 10:43

I found a way myself, but I'm not sure how accurate is the curve. What I did was to go to "surface-> iso-surface", then "surface of constant" mesh, then "z-coordinate", then enter the value in "iso-values" box. then with this new created plane, i go to "iso-clip" and "mesh" and then "cell wall distance", in the min and max boxes I set the value pretty much close to each other for example min=1.00000 and max=1.00001, so that the created plane here would be like a line!
I hope this helps other people having the same problem as me...

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