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star August 20, 2013 04:35

Spatial discretization
Hi. I read about the the spatial discretization of momentum and it says that 2nd order upwind gives much accurate result and it is better to get converge solution with first order and then switch to 2nd order and run it till convergence.
So does it mean that we must always use 2nd order upwind method for our final result?
And what about 2nd order Pressure method. Should we also use 2nd order for final result?

sbaffini August 26, 2013 04:58

As your question is very basic i won't go with details. Just know that 1st order is just not accurate enough and overly dissipative. Second order (or higher if available and really higher, which is not the case for fluent) is thus mandatory. This usually apply also for the time discretization, if unsteady. For the pressure it is the same, but the mentioned 2nd order scheme is not the only second order scheme in Fluent, it is more a "label". Other schemes for pressure, depending on the application, might be suitable as well.

star August 26, 2013 07:21

Thanks sbaffini for your reply. You are right. there are different schemes available other than 2nd order but someone suggested me 2nd order for my case. I am simulating 2d airfoil at low Reynold number i.e 1000. The flow is laminar and transient. What do you suggest about pressure, momentum and time discretization about my case to get accurate result?
Thanks again

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