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kavehmch August 21, 2013 07:06

Supercritical Fluids
Hi everybody,
i'm solving a problem with fluent but i cant solve problem with two material (phase) in fluent.
my problem is 3D.
We are dealing with some of solid particles in sylinder
Fluid phase come from bottom and solve part of the solid particles by itself and carry out it from sylinder
We want to determine the extraction rate as a function of time.
My fluid is co2.

The following major assumptions must be made
1.Solid particles are spherical, mono-sized and lumped with
respect to concentration.
2.Temperature and pressure are uniform across the extractor.
3.The radial concentration gradients in the extractor are neglected.
4.Although several components are present in the extract, their
mass-transfer behaviour is assumed to be similar and is
described as a single pseudo-component.
5.Local equilibrium exists at the interface of the fluid and solid
phases, and the equilibrium relationship is linear.
6.The volume fraction of the extractor is not affected by the reduc-tion of the solid mass during extraction. In other words, the solids
do not change their volume during the extraction process.
7.The physical properties of the solvent do not change during
8.The solvent velocity pattern is that of plug flow and assumed to
be constant across the extractor.

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