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tonmoy August 21, 2013 07:30

Boundary condition for Natural convection
My project is laminar free convection over a vertical plate.
my domain is 100x100 cm and body size 2x6 cm
may be I face problem for setting boundary condition.
I set boundary condition as-

1.Inlet at the bottom (pressure inlet)gauge pressure 0 pa, and intial pressure 0.inlet temp 275k
2.outlet at the top (pressure outlet) gauge pressure o.back flow temp 275k.
3. object (wall). convection-Heat transfer coefficient-25, body temp 325k
4.symmetry(right and left portion) of domain

operating condition 101325 pa, gravity on,operating density on (1.225)

I face problem in reversed flow.
Is there something I am missing in setting up the pressure boundary conditions?

please give a solution for overcoming this problem

flotus1 August 21, 2013 09:37

The reversed flow WARNING only indicates that at some faces, the fluid flows in the opposite direction (out of the domain at the inlet or into the domain at the outlet).

If you think about the flow field that is prodced by a heat source especially if the flow is turbulent, a backflow is very likely.
You could try to initialize the flow field with a small velocity pointing in the right direction. But if the reversed flow warning appears again this is most likely the correct physical behavior of the flow.

Edit: The assumption of laminar flow might be wrong. How did you get to this conclusion?

JAY ADHVARYU August 25, 2013 08:58

I have some problem with my boundary condition that how i utilize the neumann condition(∂φ/∂x = 0) at outlet. Can i select pressure outlet at outlet?
my inlet condition is :
flat velocity profile =40m/s
turbulent intensity=4.5%
And Inlet height of duct=5mm

I select velocity inlet at inlet because my flow is incompresible.
And axis boundary condition applied along the centerline.
and no slip condition at wall.

pls help me.

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