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allendoss79 August 21, 2013 08:38

Natural / free convection over vertical plate
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Hello everyone,

My problem is to determine the velocity and temperature profile for free convection over a vertical plate for varying properties of the fluid for constant heat flux.
I have accounted for the variation, in the form of a quadratic equation using properties from the website below:

Presure based solver,Steady state.Energy and LAMINAR equation turned on

Boundary conditions:
INLET:Gauge pressure=7500000 Pa
Backflow temperature=298 K
OUTLET:Gauge pressure=7500000 Pa
Backflow temperature= 298 K
PLATE:constant heat flux=1000 W/m2
Far end opposite to plate:Symmetry

I have attached the rest of them.
Attachment 24657

Attachment 24658

Attachment 24659

Attachment 24660

Attachment 24661

1.Is this the right way of inputting properties in fluent?
2.Wall temperature should be in range 298-302.But in mine varies between 306-313.
3.If gauge pressure is 75bar at inlet and outlet, should the operating pressure be "0 Pa"?
4.Solution hasn't converged yet.It so happens that when i select compute from all zones in the initialization menu fluent changes the initial pressure to half of 75bar and initializes it, but my solution converges at some iteration.Basically a value below 75bar yields(i have tried 74bar) yields some convergence.Why is this so?

Can someone please have a look at it and help?:(

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