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Bollonga September 6, 2013 06:03

3d flat plate wake
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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to simulate a free flow around an inclined flat plate of 1.42 aspect ratio and 70 inclination. The plate dimensions are 0.15*0.21*0.0032 m.
Wind angle of attack is 0.
Inlet velocity is 15 m/s, intensity of turbulence is 5 % and turbulence scale is 0.05 m.
Domain extents 30 times the plate chord (0.15 m) downstreams, and 10 times upstream, up, down, right and left.
Mesh is around 1.8 million elements.
I've tried k-e realizable and k-om SST.

As convergence was difficult I've used coupled solver with 200,000 Courant n (the solver one). I've set the residuals to 0.001, as default.

Aerodynamic coefficientes are constant, no oscillations due to vortex is seen.

How is this possible? Do I have to let the case run longer?

Thanks you all, guys

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