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Rv87 September 12, 2013 12:53

merging of .msh files in fluent
can anyone tell how we can use tm3d122 application in fluent for merging .msh files generated from GEMBIT.
i have divided volume in 3 part and meshed them individually. but i din't find any tutorial or note in help manual.

Philipov September 13, 2013 06:55

your model and meshes need to be "connected" just side by side. You can merge one face to one object. In GAMBIT give names to all faces that later will be merged. Start merge file and follow instructions. At each line there is a structure for parameters, Just use 1 if you do not need to do any modifications and at the last give mesh final name.If you have difficulties- send me data and I'll merge it and send you back with scheme with steps.

jdrch September 14, 2013 14:55

I'm not sure what you're referring to by "tm3d122," but Fluent Meshing Mode allows you to merge .msh files using the

console command:
  • Ensure the mesh to be appended is located in the same folder as the current one
  • In the Console, enter

    and hit Enter
  • Type

    and hit Enter
  • Type the name of the file containing the mesh to be appended manually. Do NOT use CTRL+V as it will produce a

    file not found
  • Hit Enter twice
Merge the duplicate boundary nodes:
  • In the Menu bar, click Boundary
  • Click Merge Nodes
  • Unselect Only Free Nodes from both lists of Boundary Face Zones
  • Select facezone_n.N from the left list and facezone_n from the right list, where facezone is an arbitrary boundary face zone name and n & N are positive integers
  • Click Merge
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps for each for each facezone duplicate
Hope this helps!

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