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Frukk September 24, 2013 09:47

Problem with mixing plane for rotor-stator simulation
hey i just joined since i now start working with fluent :),

Basically i want to create a mixxing plane between rotor side and stator side (the mesh used was generated by someone else). For some reasons that person generated three faces for the outlet side of the rotor and one inlet face for the stator side. For mixing planes you need one pair of inlet and outlet (or is there a way to do three outlet faces <-> one inlet face?), therefore i need to create one face out of the three.

here comes the problem: i can neither fuse nor merge the 3 faces no matter what eventhough they should be connected at the edges. you can see the faces on the picture. the error tells me that the zones are not matching for merging or the element count is different for fusing.

(please explain the solution like i'm five since i just started working with fluent :p)


edit: ok found the mistake had to put all the different cell zones for stator one for rotor

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