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C.C September 25, 2013 12:44

Error: Divergence detected in AMG solver: uds-0
Hi all,

I'm trying to modify the k and e equations in the k-e turbulence model using user defined scalars.
I obtained this error "Error: Divergence detected in AMG solver: uds-0
Error Object: #f" when I modify the viscosity to a non-newtonian viscosity.
The viscosity expression is:
The residuals for the continuity increases until the simulation stops.
If I teste an expression for viscosity like that viscosity=0.2*ShearRate^(-0.4)
the solution converges.:confused:
Please someone can help me? It is very important for me solve this question and I don't have any ideia why it is happening :(

Dranzer June 29, 2015 06:32

Did you got the solution to your problem

safdar June 29, 2015 08:09

hi dear friend
i see this error when mesh isnt good. do u check your mesh?
is your mesh is suitable?

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