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preetam69 September 28, 2013 04:51

velocity inlet and ideal gas simultaneously-what's wrong?
hi all,

i am running simulation for a pipe flow with heat transfer. to validate my results i need to use dittus-boelter correlation which is only applicable for fully developed turbulent flows. so i need a fully developed profile at inlet, for which i am using profiles from the outlet for the same to get the developed flow.

but i also need to consider compressiblity effects,so i have to use idael gas for for density specification.

now for compressible flows ideal inlet boundary conditions are mass flow inlet and pressure inlet , so using velocity inlet is questionable.

so to sum it up,

what is wrong in using velocity inlet bc at inlet while considering ideal gas for density specification?


how can i ensure fully developed flow at inlet if i use mass flow inlet or pressure inlet boundary conditions?

help me guys...stuck here.

thnx in advance...

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